IN PERSON DIALOGUE MEETUP Local London Dialogue A regular group dialogue on a variety of everyday issues at a nice venue in Crystal Palace, South London. The sessions are held at the same venue on a bi-monthly basis.  Probing together in dialogue into topics such as anxiety, stress, prejudice, isolation, selfishness, sadness, freedom and love – […]


Theme Videos OPEN DOOR has compiled the following selection of video-extracts, illustrating the kinds of themes that we study together during individual or group events. In these videos, Bohm explores a variety of fundamental issues and questions about everyday life and whether there can be any real change. However, what is presented is not meant […]

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Learning in relationship, communication & community A New Kind Of Learning Together In group circles or one-to-one, we look into questions shared by the participants and allow what is being examined to unfold in observation. Nobody leads with answers or knows what will be discovered in advance. As I explore the topics with others, I […]