Learning in relationship, communication & community

A New Kind Of Learning Together

In group circles or one-to-one, we look into questions shared by the participants and allow what is being examined to unfold in observation.

Nobody leads with answers or knows what will be discovered in advance.

As I explore the topics with others, I begin to discover that my thinking is full of ideas, conclusions and assumptions.

I see that this thinking controls and limits my outlook, my perception of others, my relationships and how I live my life. I discover also that others are like me in this regard.

A totally different way of living and relating

The intention is not to create an artificial sense of shared well being, or a safe space where we all agree around certain spiritual, political or psychological ideas. Is there a very different quality of direct perception open to us?

Creative dialogue proposes a moment in observation and sensitive listening – without rehashed opinions, conclusions or authority – that may generate a totally different spirit of friendship, freedom, affection and community.

Group Dialogues Inspired by J. Krishnamurti and David Bohm

A Revolutionary Form of Conversation Together

Both these men had a sense of a very new kind of dialogue or conversation into the age old issues of our everyday human life:

Why are our lives and our relationships so conditioned? So repetitive and so superficial?

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