ONE-TO-ONE DIALOGUE SESSIONS: Learning in relationship


A Conversation Between Two Friends


Some prefer one-to-one inquiry to group dialogue, or as a reflective complement to group meet-ups


      • Here, as two friends, we can explore any genuine issues from daily life without the interactive ‘weight’ of a larger number of people.
      • Our starting point is not what we already know about these issues, but what might be revealed in questioning & observation together.
      • This is not an advice or conventional therapy session – it is a deep dive & inquiry into the issues of your choosing
      • You choose the times and dates of these individual sessions and payment is on donation to Open Door





“ You and the speaker, as two friends walking down a lane… are talking about all these things. Neither of them are imposing their ideas on the other, there is no sense of authority – among friends there is no authority. Among friends there is not only sympathy, friendship, affection, but a sense of investigation. And there can be investigation when there is not only freedom from all bias, prejudice, but also a sense of wanting to understand the whole business of human existence. These two friends are communicating with each other. That’s our relationship”

J. Krishnamurti