Krishnamurti Themed Videos


OPEN DOOR has compiled the following selection of video-extracts, illustrating the kinds of themes that we study together during individual or group events.

In these videos, K explores a variety of fundamental issues and questions about everyday life and whether there can be any real change.



However, what is presented is not meant to offer quick answers or new belief systems.

Similarly, adopting somebody else’s thoughts and ideas, will certainly not wake up a mind that has been put to sleep by its own conditioning and deep mental habits.

Can we listen, not in order to agree or disagree, but to see the fact of what is being said reveal itself.

We offer an invitation to browse, explore topics and discover where your interest lies, and where you might wish to deepen it further.

But here there is no teacher, and we really mean it, because each one of us has to be his own teacher and his own disciple. And this is a very serious matter.

So that you are listening with quite a different attitude, you’re listening to the speaker, to the words he is using, and understanding those words, watching through those words all your own reactions and responses and conditioning, so that you yourself, through your own observation, learn, so the speaker becomes a mirror in which you are observing yourself.