NOVEMBER ONLINE IN DEPTH PROGRAM – Is Individuality an Illusion?

Online Event
25/Nov/2024 29/Nov/2024
6-8pm UK Time






“So if you want to find out what is right action, I say the individual illusion must come to an end. That’s the first thing, because you are the world.” 

J. Krishnamurti


We have a a solid sense of our own individuality. I am in here, you are over there: I must manage my life and my relationship with you, as well as I can. But is this sense of a an individual existence an illusion?

In this online retreat, we will be hesitantly and carefully tracing out what creates our sense of self. We shall attempt to discover directly, the actual effects of this perception of ourselves, and how it shapes our view of others and life in general. 

Is the whole human existence, generated by the impression of being a separate individual? 

Our inquiry cannot be an intellectual exploration, since any objective analysis or conclusion will only perpetuate the illusion of separation and control. 

Our challenge is to allow the actuality of “ourself” to reveal itself, without choice – and see what happens.



This event is a KFA Online In Depth Program

Group inquiry from home


  • 2.5 hour creative dialogue session
    • One session per day Monday to Friday
  • The dialogues will be including:
    • quiet time
    • breakout rooms into smaller groups for short periods
    • journaling may be included please bring writing materials.
  • I have posted K video extracts below connected to our theme.
    • It is recommended we watch the videos not to gain answers, but to open up questions…
  • There will be a 10 minute break during each session


Facilitator: Jackie McInley see more here



This program is organised by the Krishnamurti Foundation America

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