Beaumont la Ferrière – France 2 hours from Paris
04/Sep/2024 08/Sep/2024

Program Description

When I know the topic of my inquiry well, can I really discover anything new? Is this real inquiry?

Is inquiry a discovery that is alive in the present moment, or merely a casual re-discovery? Am I seeing what is being investigated through the shadow of conclusion? I share these established thoughts with others, and I call this: “inquiry”.

Is there a completely new way to inquire? Is there a very different way of communicating with each other in dialogue that goes beyond a mere exchange of repetitive psychological assumptions? Can we look at something so that it is completely new?

Conditioning informs me to look to others for answers or look for a cause of my problems. What I “find” makes me feel safe and I assume it to be real. I remain informed by my own assumptions, and do not observe and gather information from what is actually taking place. For example: I am confused; my mind assumes a need for clarity, without observing the fact of confusion present.

We shall be looking at all these questions – not as a conversational pursuit, but as a deeper observation. Looking and thinking together in dialogue, we shall carefully and patiently examine whether what I perceive can be faced directly, without thought.

Can I see the fact of my own listening as I give attention to my friends in the dialogue? If I can’t, then I shall be honest and begin observing the barriers to this attention with a fresh  energy. Can a completely new observation of the old me come into operation?

Inquiry is not a stairway to heaven; it begins with seeing the first step.


“When inquiry is suppressed by previous knowledge, or by the authority and experience of another, then learning becomes mere imitation, and imitation causes a human being to repeat what is learned without experiencing it.”

J. Krishnamurti



Possible Program Activities

  • Dialogues in a group
  • Quiet moments
  • One-to-one dialogues in pairs
  • Walking in nature
  • Video extracts of Krishnamurti
  • Reading extracts
  • Journaling
  • Time for spontaneous and informal exchange between participants
  • Space for relaxing, eating together and enjoying the company of new and old friends




Krishnamurti Video Extracts related to our theme



Krishnamurti texts related to our theme

  • “To inquire and to learn is the function of the mind, By learning I do not mean the mere cultivation of memory or the accumulation of knowledge, but the capacity to think clearly and sanely without illusion, to start from facts and not from beliefs and ideals.”
  • “By giving a name to something, we have merely put it into a category and we think we have understood it; we don’t look at it more closely. If we do not give it a name, however, we are forced to look at it. That is we approach the flower or whatever it is with a newness, with a new quality of examination; we look at it as though we had never looked at it before.”




Wednesday 4th September 2024 to Sunday 8th September 2024
La Maison – Beaumont la Ferrière – Burgundy – France


Jackie McInley – more info below


For everyone. No prerequisite. Open Door inquiry is inspired but not led by the writings, talks & conversations of j. krishnamurti



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