How Do I Understand Myself?

I want to understand myself, learn about myself. In observing myself… do it actually, don’t take it home and think about it, do it now. This is not a group therapy or a confessional or all that nonsense, but watch yourself as we are working together. J. Krishnamurti Usually, when I want to learn about […]

In-Person Retreats: What can I expect?

  The OPEN DOOR in-person retreats are held at beautiful venues, in a variety of different locations, internationally.   The residential retreat programs include group inquiry  study alone walks in nature quiet & rest opportunities for making new good friends 

Inspired but not led by Krishnamurti’s teaching

Krishnamurti explicitly and repeatedly expressed that he did not wish any cult or following of himself or his words. He made it clear that following the teacher or the teachings would occult one’s own insight. The Teachings may indeed have a crucial impact on the individual and perhaps even on humanity itself: to destroy this impact […]

What is Real Inquiry?

When I know the topic of my inquiry well, can I really discover anything new? Is this real inquiry?  Is inquiry an actual discovery in the present moment, or an entertaining rehashing of ideas and opinions with others? Am I looking at questions raised, through the shadows of fixed assumptions and firmly held conclusions? Am […]

Article: About Dialogue

Dialogue is a group event where participants sit together in a circle to discuss and explore the important questions of life. Our intention is to consider the deeper issues as an active presence – greatly affecting our lives and the world around us. Dialogue is a group event where participants sit together in a circle […]